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Completed Content 

Virage Extrême - Extreme Shift 

Completed November 2023

Genre: Series | Doc Series | French Canadian

Languages: French Canadian | English 

Episodes: 30mins x 10 episodes 

In 'Virage Extrême', Kassandra Fradette explores the world of extreme sports and the transformation of passionate athletes. By getting involved in each discipline, she discovers the challenges and profound impact of these sports on their lives. A captivating series, nominated for Zoom Prima 2023.


How to Get Lost on a Motorcycle in Italy

Completed January 2024

Genre: Film | Travel Doc | French Canadian

Languages: French | English 

Runtime: 51mins

In "How to Get Lost on a Motorcycle in Italy," Maxime Sheehy, Yann Bissonnette, and Valérie Ménard narrate a unique motorcycle journey where history, architecture, and roads evoke strong emotions and inspire us to get lost there too. In an epic musical atmosphere, with breathtaking visuals, they share their love for motorcycles with all those who dream of embarking on this adventure.

Two @ A Time Project 

Completed July 2023

Genre: Series | Doc Series | American 

Languages: English 

Episodes: 25mins x 6 episodes 

The Two@aTime Project is a six-part reality series designed to inspire young people to discover the value of widening their perspectives

Dream Quest 

Completed June 2013

Genre: Series | Doc Series | American 

Languages: English 

Episodes: 40mins x 10 episodes or 20 mins x 20 episodes

Dream Quest follows the incredible journey of eight "dreamers" as they compete in challenges designed to expose their weaknesses and make them face the very obstacles that are stopping them from achieving their dreams.

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