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Sleep Snatchers

In Development

Genre: Series | Doc  Series

Language(s):  English 

Country of Origin: United States

Duration 30 min x 10 Episodes

Documenting the phenomenon of sleep paralysis and out of body experiences - Is it spiritual or scientific..  Is it real or just a trick of the mind?

Sleep Snatchers is a show that will delve into a world of the unknown: Sleep Paralysis, Out of Body Experiences and Astral Projection. Showing the viewer through reenactment  what the (interviexwee) is witnessing at the exact moment of their out of body experience.  Each interview will be incredibly different.  

Exploring the astral realm, going on the journey  with the explorer, seeing dark shadows standing over you, and many multidimensional experiences! Is this just a trick of the mind or is it real?

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