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Murder Mysteries of The Night

In Development

Genre: Series | Doc True Crime Series

Language(s): English 

Country of Origin: United States

Murder Mysteries of the Night is a documentary series focusing on murders, disappearances, and other crimes world wide, particularly those involving bipoc and other minorities.

Each episode highlights a certain region and the surrounding area,  presenting various events that have impacted disenfranchised communities in that region.  Each segment will take viewers through the known sequence of events, up to the time of filming, and end with a request for information from the viewers. The goal of the series is to shed light on cases that had little police/legal or media attention.

To allow their stories to be told, and to generate new leads and support for their family members and loved ones, who are still seeking answers. With MMOTN being formatted for all territories there can be several spin-offs. The show would highlight important and impactful well known and unknown murders, disappearances  and crimes from each region it is picked up in.

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