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How to Get Lost on a Motorcycle in Italy

Completed January 2024

Genre: Series | Sports Travel Series

Language(s): French | English 

Country of Origin: Canada

Duration: 51 min

"How to Get Lost on a Motorcycle in Italy" is a documentary produced by Maxime Sheehy, Yann Bissonnette, and Valérie Ménard. It chronicles the epic journey of a group of motorcycle enthusiasts through southern Italy, highlighting the beauty of history, architecture, and, most importantly, the roads that captivate motorcyclists worldwide.

In "How to Get Lost on a Motorcycle in Italy," Maxime, Yann, and Valérie narrate a unique motorcycle journey where history, architecture, and roads evoke strong emotions and inspire us to get lost there too. In an epic musical atmosphere, with breathtaking visuals, they share their love for motorcycles with all those who dream of embarking on this adventure.

Each segment of the documentary emphasizes various aspects of the journey. Whether it's the moments of exhilaration while visiting Rome and its architectural and historical treasures or the dozens of picturesque villages perched high in the mountains, the two narrators take us along on a thrilling adventure.

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