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Fate or Fake

In Development

Genre: Series | Reality Dating Competition Series

Language(s): English 

Country of Origin: United States

Fate or Fake is a reality dating series format where  some contestants are living a lie- nobody knows who it is and it's up to the person they are dating to figure it out. 

In Fate or Fake, contestants meet and form into a speed dating circle. Each person will be secretly pre-assigned one of two roles: themselves or a faker. They will then have to woo their 5 minute boo's,  and once they decide which boo's they would like to get to know better  the contest begins.

Are the interactions the contestants are having with their boo real? How long can the fakers keep up their identity? Between one-on-one dates and group social events with other  contestants, everyone is in danger of spilling the beans. Will you stay once you find out who you're really falling for?

A show that is light-hearted but thought-provoking, Fate or Fake is an exploration of the stories we tell ourselves and others,  and the masks we all wear in today's society.

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