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Virage Extreme - Extreme Shift 

Completed November 2023

Genre: Series | Doc Sports Series

Language(s): French Canadian | English 

Country of Origin: Canada 

Duration 30 min x 10 Episodes

"Virage Extrême", hosted and produced by Kassandra Fradette, is a documentary series that captures the essence of extreme sports and human daring. In 10 thrilling episodes, the series unveils the extraordinary stories of athletes like Pete McLeod, master of aerobatics, Lysanne Richard, high diving virtuoso, and Ben Milot, a freestyle motocross ace.

Each episode is a journey into the world of an extreme sport, where Kassandra, in addition to presenting each athlete's story, takes on the challenge of immersing herself in their discipline. She soars into the sky with Pete McLeod, experiencing the dizzying sensations of aerobatics, and discovers the combination of discipline, courage, and artistry needed to master this sport. Pete shares his view of the world from above, and how each flight is an act of freedom and self-transcendence.

In the episode with Lysanne Richard, Kassandra leaps into the void to understand the thrill and art of high diving. She learns to confront fear and turn it into strength, a lesson that transcends the sport and applies to everyday life. Lysanne reveals how diving helped her rediscover herself and find a balance between physical strength and inner fortitude.

The exploration continues with Ben Milot, where Kassandra tackles freestyle motocross, a sport that combines adrenaline, precision, and creativity. She discovers the importance of confidence and resilience in facing physical and mental challenges, while Ben shares his journey, marked by dazzling successes and obstacles to overcome.

The series beautifully captures the urban and natural landscapes of Trois-Rivières and Montréal, providing a spectacular backdrop for these self-overcoming stories. The soundtrack by Israel Dupuis, both powerful and emotional, perfectly accompanies the athletes' narratives, their struggles, and their victories.

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