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A Day in The Life

In Development

Genre: Series | Doc Travel Series

Language(s): English 

Country of Origin: United States

Day in the Life series is a formatted extreme travel doc series. The show revolves around what people do in their everyday work lives as we spend the day following their routine.  

The person or group we will be following for the day won’t be just a random person. This person will be an influencer, business creator/CEO, odd jobs worker, or non profit creator that has created a following/audience for themselves doing their jobs.

With many people creating viral business this is the best way to understand their day by day approach to life to see how they really make it all happen.

Day in the Life is a show where each episode will be different from the last. Once a week you will be graced with a new person who is dominating their business.  We will see how a fashion designer runs their business and then next you may see how a bread maker churns out thousands of loaves of bread per day.

With each eipsode being incredibly different, the viewer gets the opportunity to see  how it’s creator masters their trades and has garnered their customers. We will show its not all what it seems on social media, there is real hard work to be done. So let’s get down and dirty with these entrepreneurs themselves and see what their job is all about.

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