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Christmas in Chicago


Genre: Feature Film | Romance

Language(s): English 

Cast: Michael Copon, Jennifer Freeman

Country of Origin: United States

Felicity is a marketing executive enjoying big-city life with her quirky best friend, Maggie. If she can nail the biggest pitch of her life before Christmas, she’s likely to make partner. Felicity goes back to her old neighborhood to check in on her mom and the family toy store. Since her dad’s passing a few years ago, much has changed in the neighborhood and the family toy store is in danger of closing…

Felicity is inspired by a memory of her father, and creates a marketing campaign to save the family business: a neighborhood ORNAMENT SCAVENGER HUNT!  She gets everyone involved: local businesses make the ornaments to promote their stores, local students hide the ornaments, and neighborhood families go find the ornaments! The perfect plan to revive the family store and do good for her district this season!

Felicity’s brother Tommy joins her and Maggie to execute the plan as handsome political newcomer Alderman Austin Ward helps to make it happen.  Austin shares his hopes to keep the city moving in the right direction and is under a lot of pressure from the mayor to stick to the mayoral agenda. Austin believes in “playing the game” until you’re the one calling the shots, while Felicity wants to do what she wants, when she wants. They both want to help the city, but are taking very different paths to get there.

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