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At The Garden

In Production

Genre: Series | Children's Live Action Series

Language(s): English 

Country of Origin: United States

At the Garden, a group of diverse creatives come together to form a close knitcommunity with puppets, books, songs and teachable moments set to live music.

SIVAN, a first year teacher, searches for a place to journal, and finds a beautiful garden located in the heart of the city. After meeting the founder of the garden, a retired librarian named  MISS MALLY, Sivan accidentally sits on a sacred memorial,  and ducks out of the garden in embarrassment, inadvertently  leaving her journal behind.

Two puppets, BARTHOLOMEW and IRIS,  find the journal and return it to her, and in the process  learn a lesson about respecting people's privacy.  Galvanized by this encounter, Sivan becomes determined to make things right with Miss Mally;  eventually both women are able to come to a mutual  understanding, which earns Sivan a place among the garden's key visitors.

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