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After The 10th

In Development

Genre: Series | Doc Thriller Series

Language(s): English 

Country of Origin: United States

AT10 - Pitch Deck_Nov 2022 (1)-1.png

On November 10th, the threat of an unidentified alien spaceship hovering over Antarctica compels the US government into an immediate, aggressive technology lockdown. Six weeks later, millions of people have disappeared and America still has no internet or cell service, and only has one television network. Everyday life has dramatically changed – there is a rationing of supplies, oversight of production, and tracking of people in order to keep everyone safe from the ongoing threat of this ominous spaceship.


But the threat of aliens is a lie. There is no spaceship hovering over Antarctica, only manipulated footage.



It is a coverup for a much larger worldwide event that could send the world into a tailspin. Who on the inside of the government is responsible for this narrative, or are there larger forces at work? How will the American people react to an increasingly totalitarian government? Four estranged siblings, all highly positioned and with unique perspectives, must deal with their family issues while also trying to restore America before it turns into an unrecognizable country.

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