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Heidi levasseur poster.jpeg

Go Atlantica


Genre: Series | Doc Sports Series

Language(s): French | English 

Country of Origin: Canada

Endurance swimmer Heidi Levasseur embarks on a historic expedition, "Go Atlantica," swimming from Dakar, Senegal to Recife, Brazil. This unprecedented journey combines extreme physical endurance with a deep commitment to environmental and humanitarian causes, offering a captivating narrative of adventure, resilience, and inspiration. 

● Preparation: Highlighting Heidi's training that respects her body's natural rhythms, emphasizing the importance of recovery and the unique aspects of female physiology. 
● Departure from Dakar: Capturing the launch of the journey, setting the scene for the adventure ahead. 
● Navigating Challenges: Showcasing how Heidi overcomes physical and mental obstacles, with a focus on her connection to her body and the ocean.

● Environmental Mission: Integrating Heidi's commitment to ocean conservation, demonstrating her actions and advocacy. 
● Celebrating Femininity: Illustrating the role of feminine strength in extreme sports, linking Heidi's journey to broader themes of empowerment.

● Arrival in Recife: Documenting the successful completion and the impact of the expedition on awareness and inspiration. 

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